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Fitness: How to Get the Body of a Male Model

Pages from vol07no02-DAMAN jun jul 2013-2

Want to look like you stepped out of the pages of a fashion mag? Then you need to rethink your workout regimen and focus on the muscles that … [Read more...]

Hot Yoga (or Bikram Yoga): Tips and Tricks

Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga DA MAN

What Makes Hot Yoga So Cool? Hot 26 Yoga, also called Bikram Yoga, is based on a sequence of yoga poses popularized by Bikram Choudhury of India … [Read more...]

Breaking Bad Habits by Leo Babauta

Overcoming addictions is the theme of Country Strong with Paltrow and Hedlund

Breaking bad habits. Live a healthy and satisyfing life in peak mental fitness with these tips from Leo. Have you ever set out to start something, … [Read more...]

What Can Men Expect From Yoga?

Russell Brand Men's Yoga 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' movie - DA MAn Yoga column

What Can Men Expect From Yoga? Very often, men wonder what they can expect from Yoga. In many parts of the world, the practice of Yoga has … [Read more...]

Your Blood Type and Fitness


From my recently published book Reboot Your Bod, this is an excerpt on the section about blood types and how they influence your diet, lifestyle … [Read more...]

Keep Fit on the Inside


Approximately 10 percent of your actual fitness, or well-being, is projected externally, and that means some 90 percent of true health is largely … [Read more...]