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Breaking Bad Habits by Leo Babauta

Overcoming addictions is the theme of Country Strong with Paltrow and Hedlund

Breaking bad habits. Live a healthy and satisyfing life in peak mental fitness with these tips from Leo. Have you ever set out to start something, but found your willpower lacking? By Leo Babauta … [Read more...]

What Can Men Expect From Yoga?

Russell Brand Men's Yoga 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' movie - DA MAn Yoga column

What Can Men Expect From Yoga? Very often, men wonder what they can expect from Yoga. In many parts of the world, the practice of Yoga has traditionally been seen as a woman's form of physical exercise. This view is diametrically opposed to the traditional Indian view of the practice of Yoga. By … [Read more...]

Your Blood Type and Fitness


From my recently published book Reboot Your Bod, this is an excerpt on the section about blood types and how they influence your diet, lifestyle and activity levels. By Gavin Watterson … [Read more...]

Keep Fit on the Inside


Approximately 10 percent of your actual fitness, or well-being, is projected externally, and that means some 90 percent of true health is largely unseen, as it is internal. By Gavin Watterson … [Read more...]

Fitness: Resistance vs. Cardio

Gavin pic222

Many fitness buffs and those that want to slim down are under the impression that the best way to lose fat is through cardio workouts. But nothing could be further from the truth. By Gavin Watterson … [Read more...]

Feeding Your Fitness Regimen

web fruit

To supplement your hardcore (or moderate) exercise regimen and to get the most benefit in the way you look and feel, it’s important to eat right. It’s the old mantra ‘diet plus exercise’ that puts you on the path to your ideal fit look. By Gavin Watterson. … [Read more...]