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Dating: How to Get a Valentine Date in 7 Days


EXPRESS DATING. It’s great news for couples as this year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday. However, that’s not the case for … [Read more...]

Health: What You Should Know About Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus DA MAN Health

GLOBAL THREAT: EBOLA VIRUS. The Ebola virus has quickly transformed into a health epidemic that we should all be aware of. Knut Holt explains what … [Read more...]

Sex: Top 10 Tips for a Better Sex Life in the New Year

DAMAN New Year Super Sex

NEW YEAR SUPER SEX. Sex-pert Dr. Stephanie Buehler reveals ten tips for a better sex life in the New Year We have all seen the lists of … [Read more...]

Fitness: Top 5 Workout Secrets from Hollywood Actors

Derek Theler

STUD SECRET. Achieving sexy beach body can always get tricky. That wouldn’t be a case anymore as we reveal workout secrets from five well-built … [Read more...]

Dating: The Perfect Proposal

The Perfect Proposal

Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you is always going to be a nerve wracking experience, which is all the more reason to be as … [Read more...]

Health: The Paleo Diet

Daman Health The Paleo Diet1

PALEO DECODED. Also commonly known as the “Caveman Diet,” The Paleo Diet is a popular craze that can be tricky to get right. Diet expert … [Read more...]