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Health: The Paleo Diet

Daman Health The Paleo Diet1

PALEO DECODED. Also commonly known as the “Caveman Diet,” The Paleo Diet is a popular craze that can be tricky to get right. Diet expert Jocelyn Halim explains all. The Paleo diet has gained widespread popularity in recent years and, with a rise in modern chronic diseases, perhaps getting … [Read more...]

Sex: Does Penis Size Matter?

DAMAN Sex Tips

A GAME OF INCHES. The question never seems to go away. Does penis size matter? Chess McDoogle reveals five definitive facts which help squash the speculation Image: Getty Images Penis size is the ultimate taboo subject for most men, as the majority of us likely feel that a bigger one would be … [Read more...]

Health: You Are What You Eat


YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Choosing the right foods to include in your diet can be a bewildering business. luckily, owner of SlimGourmet Jocelyn Halim is on hand to explain the basics Image: Getty Images While the secret to successful dieting combines a number of factors, such as controlling one’s … [Read more...]

Sex: Top Three Mistakes


THE SEX TIPS. Frank Francis lists down top three mistakes that most men think would turn a woman on Quite often what men do that they think women like might actually just annoy the heck out of them. In fact, many of the articles and books out there telling men “how to drive her crazy in the … [Read more...]

Health: Sleep Apnea and Obesity

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SLEEP APNEA AND OBESITY. Yogita Fernandes lays on the table the real problems of sleep apnea and obesity as its trigger. The first question to be answered, naturally, is: What is sleep apnea? Simply explained, sleep apnea is interrupted breathing when you're sleeping. This sleeping disorder often … [Read more...]

Sex: The Art of Foreplay

Hispanic man kissing girlfriend's shoulder

More than a pleasurable sexual activity, foreplay involves emotional and intimate attractions from both sides. Raymond Ehoma explores another side of foreplay. Foreplay is largely referred to as a range of erotic physical stimulation that takes place prior to “real” sex or sexual … [Read more...]