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Grooming: Foot treatment

Best foot forward

BEST FOOT FORWARD. Spring has finally arrived: the season of new bloom, outdoor exertions and open footwear.   While the idea of exposing this particular area of the body might be terror-inducing to some men, flip-flops are inescapable during the warmer months. Extra attention … [Read more...]

Tips for Men: BB Cream


CREAM DE LA CRÈME. The desire to be perfect sometimes leads to white lies. With dull complexion, uneven skin tone or fine lines, women are not the only ones who have secrets to hide.   Taking the beauty world by storm, the BB cream—originated in Germany as a post-treatment solution … [Read more...]

Tips for Men: Scrubbing

54-55_360 Grooming

ROUGH LOVE. Men really do have it harder. With thicker skin, dense whiskers and supersized pores that seem too eager to drive in unwanted debris, a man’s face attracts more dirt than that of the feminine counterpart. For a clean, polished visage, face scrub is an indispensable arsenal to … [Read more...]

Grooming: Manhattan Barbershop


MADE IN MANHATTAN. If the fuss of a ladies hairdresser doesn’t suit your style, a barbershop catered to grooming gentlemen’s hair could be the fine solution. Manhattan Barbershop (Jl. Panglima Polim IX No.16, Jakarta; +62 21 7278 0778) is a cut above typical barbershops and gives the full … [Read more...]

Grooming: Body Lotion for Men


UNDER MY SKIN: Whatever season of the year, keeping the skin moisturized is as important as getting the right haircut for men. There are plenty options available in store, that it’s not difficult to figure out what your skin needs and which product you should apply. Here is our simple guide: … [Read more...]

Grooming: Aphrodisiac Soap


APHRODISIAC ALLURE. By definition, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love. But what is romance without passion?   After all, as Stephen King once wrote, “For men, I think, love is a thing formed of equal parts lust and astonishment.” The astonishment part, we can’t really help you … [Read more...]