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SCENTS: Gucci Guilty Black


BLACK ALLURE. Guilty pleasure has got a new shade: black. The last installment of the Gucci Guilty series, the Guilty Black signifies thrills and spills one may associate with the patchouli-based scent. Such is Hollywood action hero Chris Evans blazing through the dark, insidious roads only … [Read more...]

SCENTS: Cartier Déclaration D’Un Soir


A GENTLEMAN'S DECLARATION. Does good smell constitute a gentleman? It does, says Cartier. The world-renowned jeweler and watchmaker unveils its newest scent in a mission to boost one’s irresistible masculine harm. Cartier Déclaration D’Un Soir, as it is called, evokes bravado … [Read more...]

SCENTS: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue “Living Stromboli”


MEDITERRANEAN GLAMOUR. Still remember gorgeous hunk David Gandy basking in the glorious summer sun in the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue eau de toilette campaign? If you can’t get the images out of your mind yet, then prolong the summer haze with the new limited edition Light Blue … [Read more...]

SCENTS: Bond No. 9 Bleecker Street


NINE TO MINE. There’s a close connection between space and scents. That’s what Bond No. 9 is all about. The moniker pays homage to the address of the headquarters boutique at 399 Bond Street, in NoHo. In a similar vein, its array of olfactory creations explores the many corners of … [Read more...]

SCENTS: Fan di Fendi Pour Homme


MACHISMO ITALIANO. Fendi audaciously weaves passion, fragrance and music for the Fan di Fendi Pour Homme perfume. Starting from the packaging, the bottle sports the iconic double F letters, a trademark invented by fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld for the Italian brand. Scintillating yellow … [Read more...]

Tips for Men: Hair Treatments


BRAT HAIR DAY. Hair is the crown of women, whereas for men it’s a matter of pride. Ideally, everyone desires to have a healthy and lush crown. Issues such as hair loss, dandruff or oily hair can pile up and create a time bomb. The tropical heat and high stress level worsen the condition, … [Read more...]