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Grooming: Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain All-in-One Hair & Body Refueling Wash


TRIPLE TREAT. The avid traveler’s prayer for less packing plight is answered. What could be better than simply throwing a bottle of liquid that can fulfill every personal hygiene need in your suitcase? Kiehl’s returns with the innovative Cross-Terrain All-in-One Hair & Body Refueling Wash … [Read more...]

Scent: L’Occitane Cèdre & Oranger


TWO SCENTS. French body, face and home products L’Occitane is unveiling a new eau de toilette for men called Cèdre & Oranger. Combining two main scents, namely fresh Italian oranges and Virginian cedar, the last note unmasks delicate musk. The invigorating smell particularly … [Read more...]

Scent: Moschino Forever Sailing


SMOOTH SAILING. In the ever-changing fads of menswear, nautical colors of white and blue are perennial favorites and deeply associated with the spirit of exploration. Moschino siphons that idea into its latest fragrance: Moschino Forever Sailing. The notion of sea breeze and open blue sky … [Read more...]

Grooming: Clarins Men’s Ab Firming Body-toning Gel


GYM CLASS ZERO. Who needs gym when you can slab on a magic potion to transform love handles to a rippling six-pack? Clarins Men’s Ab Firming Body-toning Gel proves that working hard is overrated and working smart has its virtues. Speeding up the fat-eliminating process with caffeine and … [Read more...]

Grooming: L’Oréal Paris’ Studio Mix It Up Remouldable Paste


STAGE-FIVE CLINGER. Like a heated love affair, L’Oréal Paris’ Studio Mix It Up Remouldable Paste leaves hair in a sexy, morning-after tousled mess and clings with the unrelenting hold of an ex-lover to a chosen hairstyle. Promising what’s closest to an ever-after vow, the … [Read more...]

Scent: Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale


MEN'S ESSENZIALE. If blue is your favorite hue, chances are Salvatore Ferragamo’s Acqua Essenziale is your matching scent. Designed by Alberto Morillas, the olfactory luminary who invented Bulgari BLV and Caroline Herrera 212 among many, the subtle notes bring back tropical memories of … [Read more...]