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Smell Like a Serious Adult with This Cologne

acqua di parma colonia club

JOIN THE CLUB. Men of a certain age don’t like to play with boys’ stuff. If this description fits you, then maybe it’s time to quit eau de … [Read more...]

This Grooming Product Actually Cares What’s Inside

Shiseido Men Hydro Master Gel Damage Defense Complex copy

FOR BEAUTY WITHIN. Alongside the rapid progress of men’s fashion, the world of men’s skincare has gone forward by leaps and bounds in recent … [Read more...]

This Fragrance is So “Bad,” It’s Good

John-Varvatos-Dark-Rebel-Fragrance-Campaign-Jonas Kesseler

COME TO THE DARK SIDE. Following his return to Detroit, designer John Varvatos thought up a new blend of scents for the Dark Rebel … [Read more...]

4 Eau de Parfums to Keep You Smelling Good After a Long Day at Work

eau de parfum

THE LONGER, THE BETTER. Nod your head silently if you’ve ever found yourself feeling insecure due to not knowing how you would smell when you … [Read more...]

Burberry Releases Sexy Ad, Rules Snapchat for Mr. Burberry

5 - burberry

"12 Years a Slave" director Steve McQueen creates an NSFW short film for Burberry's new men's fragrance, Mr. Burberry     It was … [Read more...]

The Lazy Man’s Solution to Caring for Your Skin


RINSE AND SHINE. Kiehl’s comes to the rescue for men on the go who can’t be bothered about packing an armload of shower … [Read more...]