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Scents: Loewe


GOING SOLO. Launched by renowned Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe, which always strives to bottle the magical allure of its home country, the Solo Loewe Platinum fragrance has been created for men who seek to find balance in contrast. To achieve this, it uses a unique scent combination stemming … [Read more...]

Scents: DSquared2


MAGIC POTION. Another fragrance encompassing leather as a defining scent within its repertoire is Dsquared2’s Potion Royal Black, a follow-up to the successful 2011 Potion for Men offering. Incorporating a three-tiered approach, top notes include bergamot and incense above a middle mix of rose … [Read more...]

Grooming: Multitask-in


MULTITASK-IN. It’s a fact that men leading busy lifestyles have increasingly less time to spend on their daily grooming routine. Luckily, a number of leading brands have begun to sympathize with this predicament by developing products which can do several jobs at once. By combining different … [Read more...]

Grooming: L’Oreal


FRESH START. The color of molten lava, this Volcano Red Foam product from L’Oreal unleashes acne-fighting force for those with oil-prone skin. Carefully formulated with key ingredients, the foam uses salicylic acid to cleanse, volcanic mineral extract to purify pores and peppermint extract to … [Read more...]

Grooming: Juara


BOTANIC TO THE CORE. Putting one’s skin first is a sure-fire way to attract attention for the right reasons. Helping you achieve this is a New York skincare brand using Indonesian botanicals, Juara. An Indonesian word meaning “champion,” Juara aspires to help customers achieve a victorious … [Read more...]

Scents: Etro


NOMADIC SOUL. A summer fragrance inspired by the chaotically colorful and largest Indian state, Rajasthan by Etro possesses an accordingly lively scent palette. Contained in a vibrantly colored bottle, equally spirited scent notes include pink pepper, lemon flower and white musk to reveal the … [Read more...]