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Cuisine: Holiday Bites and Refreshing Cocktails


DA MAN knocks on the door of Jusman So, the Singaporean head chef of Rimba Jimbaran Bali, Ayana’s newly opened sister hotel, to get some recipes for scrumptious holiday bites and refreshing cocktails. Jusman So is a name to reckon in both Singapore’s and Bali’s international … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Justin Bartha

Suit and shirt by Emporio Armani

THE STRAIGHT MAN. Justin Bartha is probably best known in Asia for his role in the megahit Hangover series. He is also one of the stars of The New Normal, a sitcom that just won the People’s Choice Award for Best New Comedy. He talks to DA MAN about his career path, the challenges of playing a gay … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Liam McIntyre

Blazer by G-Star

TRADING SWORDS FOR SUITS. Australian actor Liam McIntyre stepped into the role of Spartacus in the hit action drama of the same name and made the character his own. Now that he has finished filming the show’s final season, he talks to DA MAN about his gladiator workouts, how tough his last day … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Jacob Artist

Suit and shirt by Sarar, tie by Burberry Prorsum

LIVING THE DREAM. Twenty-year-old Jacob Artist may only have a little acting experience for now; so little that you can count the number of the projects in his filmography on one hand. But with a breakthrough role on today’s most talked about TV show—Glee, that is—this rising star is set … [Read more...]

DA MAN Darling: Farah Quinn

Dress by Etro, necklace by Lulu Frost at Masari

HOT IN THE KITCHEN. Farah Quinn has become one of Indonesia’s most well-known celebrity chefs, but all that fame didn’t come in the blink of an eye. She says that hard work and determination were key ingredients to her success. The sexy chef talked to DA MAN about what it really takes to make … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Patrick Wilson

Suit, shirt and tie by Vivienne Westwood

SINGING TO THE SILVER SCREEN. While most of his fans in Asia know him best for his roles in Hollywood hits like Watchmen, The A-Team and Insidious, Patrick Wilson first rose to fame as a Broadway song and dance man, earning Tony nominations for his roles in The Full Monty and Oklahoma! along the … [Read more...]