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Fashion Essentials: Hermès ties


DIGITAL INTRICACY. For decades, ties have been a symbol of modern formal dress. Not just that, they also serve as symbols of access to certain classes of society. The pattern and shapes of ties has also transformed throughout the times, becoming thinner and more often decorated with … [Read more...]

Watch Review: Zenith Captain Winsor Annual Calendar Chronograph


CAPTAIN'S CALENDAR. Eagle-eyed viewers of American Idol might have noticed Ryan Seacrest wearing a very special watch on his wrist in a recent episode. The Zenith watch, dubbed the Captain Winsor Annual Calendar Chronograph, is a striking piece that marks the beginning of a collaboration … [Read more...]

Fashion Essentials: Coach Tote Bags

Coach Foldover Tote

BOLDLY COLOR BLOCKED. Summer is always the right season to explore new styles and inject bold palettes into your wardrobe. What previously seemed hard to nail, the combination of tote bag and strokes in bright colors, is tackled with aplomb by Coach by this piece from its … [Read more...]

Watch Review: Longines Saint-Imier Collection


VILLAGE KEEPER. Located in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, since 1832, Longines has established close links with the village that has seen the foundation and development of the company. The company recently launched the Longines Saint-Imier Collection, a series of exceptional timepieces inspired by … [Read more...]

Fashion Essentials: Tod’s Moccasins


A LONG WALK IN ELEGANT ITALIAN. Maybe it is the Italian flair for making everything seem effortlessly elegant (even when a lot of work goes into it), or maybe it is their unfailing attention to details that are the true determiners of what is stylish. Whatever it is, Tod’s, that famed … [Read more...]

Fashion Essentials: Thomas Pink Shirt Collection


SARTORIAL LEGACY. Mixing British seaside traditions and literary figures, Thomas Pink’s spring summer collection utilizes scrumptious shades of brights, neutrals, and pastels on its range of shirts. The brand pays homage to Thomas Pink’s legacy through The Beaufort Shirt Collection, … [Read more...]