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Music: Our album recommendations for October & November 2014


PARTY OF FIVE V Maroon 5 After the unbridled success of 2011’s infectious hit single “Moves Like Jagger,” lust-pop kings Maroon 5 appear adamant on recreating similarly revenue-inducing moments in their latest album, “V.” Employing a host of bigshot producers to help them justify … [Read more...]

Music: Older and Wiser


TURN BLUE The Black Keys Thanks to the success of bands such as The Killers and Kings of Leon, the alternative rock genre has taken a profound hold over the grown-up ‘90s generation. That may explain why The Black Keys’ eighth album “Turn Blue” immediately topped the charts in the US and … [Read more...]

Music: Flying Syrup


OFF TO A FLYING START. Rock band Flying Syrup employs British musicality to create an album all about running away From Left: Beni (keyboard, synthesizers and backing vocals), Bruce (rhythm guitar and lead vocals) and Aan (bass and backing vocals) After sticking together for over a decade, … [Read more...]

Music: Acoustic Subtleties


GHOST STORIES Coldplay This is the album that you’d want to tune into after office hours, or when you’re stuck in the traffic. Understatedly simple yet rich in subtlety, “Ghost Stories” delivers tales of love, fantasy and dreams woven in the mind-transporting lyrics (check out … [Read more...]

Music: Solos and Sophomores


SUPERMODEL Foster The People The last couple of years, indie pop has come on strong in the global music arena, exemplified by New Zealand wunderkind Lorde nabbing two Grammy Awards. Foster The People is no exception—who hasn’t heard “Pumped Up Kicks”? The sophomore album, … [Read more...]

Music: The Grammy gang


This year's Grammy nominees in one place. The Heist Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Rap is pretty much an acquired taste in Asia. While most artists of the genre reign in the rather sidetracked hip-hop scenes, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have proven their collaboration is worth praises from … [Read more...]