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Music: The Grammy gang


This year's Grammy nominees in one place. The Heist Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Rap is pretty much an acquired taste in Asia. While most artists of the genre reign in the rather sidetracked hip-hop scenes, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have proven their collaboration is worth praises from … [Read more...]

Music: The up-and-coming divas


We gather the best tunes from the up-and-coming female vocalists. Bangerz Miley Cyrus Let’s be honest: She can be either Madonna in the making or young Christina Aguilera gone wild. No matter what, “Bangerz” is charged with high-octane musicality like nothing ever heard in the … [Read more...]

Music: Best New Albums to Listen to


Here we have rounded up five newest albums for you to either dance the night away or treat your ears with daring beats. Love in the Future John Legend More often than not, Legend’s singles don’t pimp out smart lyrics – just mundane words strung together and made out rather tacky in the … [Read more...]

Concert: John Legend at Potato Head Beach Club Bali


LOVE LEGEND. Appearing on stage with a grand piano, soul crooner John Legend hypnotized the audience at Bali's most fascinating beach club. For those who don't know John Legend, you guys are missing out one of the best voices on Earth. For those who know John Legend and didn't come to the … [Read more...]

Music News: Placebo’s Loud Like Love


Placebo’s seventh album tells that the band that manages to stick together since 1994 is still fully alive and kicking. Falling under the alternative rock genre, the three-piece band seems to absorb diverse influences, including the current trend of digitalization that … [Read more...]

Music News: Franz Ferdinand’s Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action


Glasgow-based indie rock band Franz Ferdinand hit it again. Meshing their signature punk sounds with indie rock clashes, there’s a whole new push of energy contained in the record. Similar to their previous work (except for different melodies and lyrics), “Right … [Read more...]