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DVD: Vampire Movies

Daman DVD vampire movies

FANG-TASTIC FLICKS. A cinematic history lesson for fans of bloodthirsty tv series such as “True Blood,” here are some classics of the vampire … [Read more...]

DVD: Epic Movies


EPIC MOVIES. War, romance and battles of will were the sure-fire ingredients that ensure the longevity of these legendary flicks GONE WITH THE … [Read more...]

DVD: Euro Trips


These four summer trip-thematic DVD titles will Director Julie Delpy lend you the travelling experience sans the longhaul flights. THE … [Read more...]

DVD: Spring Movies

Project X

PARTY LIKE IT'S SPRINGTIME. These are the movies with spring as the perfect party setting. PROJECT X Stars: Thomas Mann, Oliver … [Read more...]

DVD: The Act of Killing


THE ASSASSINS. Shocking, thought-provoking and every bit the white-knuckled ride, Joshua Oppenheimer’s “The Act of Killing” views the … [Read more...]

DVD: Love Actually


Romantic comedy is a cinematic light bite that effortlessly suits everyone, especially during year-end holidays. Girls desperately want to … [Read more...]