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DVD: Movies About Friends, Family, Romance and Serendipity for Holiday Season

DVD DAMAN Holiday Heartwarmers

HOLIDAY HEART WARMERS. The festive period should be about friends, family, romance and serendipity. The below flicks have all of these things, … [Read more...]

DVD: Vampire Movies

Daman DVD vampire movies

FANG-TASTIC FLICKS. A cinematic history lesson for fans of bloodthirsty tv series such as “True Blood,” here are some classics of the vampire … [Read more...]

DVD: Epic Movies


EPIC MOVIES. War, romance and battles of will were the sure-fire ingredients that ensure the longevity of these legendary flicks GONE WITH THE … [Read more...]

DVD: Euro Trips


These four summer trip-thematic DVD titles will Director Julie Delpy lend you the travelling experience sans the longhaul flights. THE … [Read more...]

DVD: Spring Movies

Project X

PARTY LIKE IT'S SPRINGTIME. These are the movies with spring as the perfect party setting. PROJECT X Stars: Thomas Mann, Oliver … [Read more...]

DVD: The Act of Killing


THE ASSASSINS. Shocking, thought-provoking and every bit the white-knuckled ride, Joshua Oppenheimer’s “The Act of Killing” views the … [Read more...]