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Art: Hehe, Bujangan Urban and Tromarama Introduce Their Own Respective Takes

Art 2

LOCAL NATIVES. As the local art industry goes from strength to strength, a new crop of artists arrive to introduce their own respective … [Read more...]

Books: Top 5 Fashion Books for Year-End Gifts

Fashion Book 4

STYLE SAVANT. “Books are a uniquely portable magic,” said Stephen King, not excluding fashion books. We compile five of the best fashion reads … [Read more...]

Feature: Top 5 Indonesian Actresses to Watch


TALENTED BEAUTIES. It is nice to see Indonesia’s local beauties putting their best foot forward on the big screen. We round up five Indonesian … [Read more...]

Feature: Top 5 Movember Looks of DA MAN Cover Actors

Jai Courtney Movember Full

MOVEMBER MOVE. In the spirit of Movember, we’ve rounded up five DA MAN cover actors with and without their mustache Josh Dallas Josh … [Read more...]

Movies: 5 Most Promising British Actors in Hollywood

Clive Standen DA MAN

BRITISH INVASION. With their increasing presence in Hollywood, British actors pack an impressive acting punch aside from their good looks and … [Read more...]

DVD: Vampire Movies

Daman DVD vampire movies

FANG-TASTIC FLICKS. A cinematic history lesson for fans of bloodthirsty tv series such as “True Blood,” here are some classics of the vampire … [Read more...]