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Exclusive Photos and Interview of Rodrigo Santoro


Lost in Rio. Rio de Janeiro-born Rodrigo Santoro has created his own path to Hollywood, largely through playing the villain Xerxes in the epic 300. Now, he is on the brink of a major breakthrough. Having conquered Brazil, Santoro is aiming for the world. By Petricia Yuvita … [Read more...]


Exclusive photos and Interview of Sean O’Pry


Sean O'Pry has been around the world in the last couple years. The world's most popular male model, O'Pry's face has been gracing the covers of the best fashion magazines in every corner of the globe. Not bad for a small-town boy from rural Georgia. Pants, leather, shirt and leather jacket by … [Read more...]


Exclusive photos and interview with the new “J.R.” Josh Henderson

josh henderson 1

Josh does 'Dallas'...  Josh Henderson, the 30-year-old acting sensation from Dallas, Texas, is now taking on the biggest role of his life, as John Ross 'J.R.' Ewing, one of the leads in the highly anticipated new TV show Dallas, a sequel of sorts to the original hit show of the 80s. … [Read more...]


Exclusive interview and photos of Callan McAuliffe


On The Verge... Playing the young version of Jay Gatsby in the blockbuster The Great Gatsby later this year, Australian actor Callan McAuliffe is on the verge of great things, indeed. By M. Berlian Shirt by James Perse, vest by Kenneth Cole … [Read more...]


Exclusive Photos & Interview with Steven Yeun of ‘The Walking Dead’

steven yeun da man-1

PIONEERING SPIRIT. Korean-born actor Steven Yeun and star of TV’s The Walking Dead is a talented actor, but he’s also a pioneer of sorts as one of several Asian-Americans in different fields breaking down barriers and stereotypes.By Petricia Yuvita and M. Berlian Jacket by Klein Epstein … [Read more...]


Exclusive Fashion Feature: Alexander Ludwig


HUNGRY FOR MORE. Former child actor Alexander Ludwig is all grown up and starring in the film sensation of the year, The Hunger Games. Shirt by Ermenegildo Zegna, sweater by EQ, tie by DKNY, sunglasses by Ray-Ban … [Read more...]