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Exclusive Fashion Feature : Josh Dallas ‘Once Upon A Time’

Shirt by Calvin Klein, Tie by American Apparel, Jeans by Levi’s

CHARM OFFENSIVE. Josh Dallas plays Prince Charming in the new hit TV series Once Upon a Time. He talked to DA MAN about his sword-fighting skills, his Shakespearian background and how he charms women in real life. By M. Berlian … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fashion Feature: David Boreanaz

Suit by Vivienne Westwood, shirt by Cerruti, wool tie by Burberry London, watch by Baume and Mercier

DOWN TO THE BONES. Getting ready for Bones season 8, actor David Boreanaz spoke to DA MAN about last season’s cliffhanger finale, the vampire craze spawned by Angel and his journey from struggling actor to leading man. Suit by Vivienne Westwood, shirt by Cerruti, wool tie by Burberry London, … [Read more...]

Exclusive photos and interview with James Marsden

Grey shirt by Vivienne Westwood,  waist coat by John Varvatos, blue pin-striped suit by Etro

VERSATILE PLAYER. James Marsden is one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men at the moment, appearing in a wide range of TV and film projects at any given time. He talked to DA MAN about straddling the line between drama and comedy, his competitive nature, and the difficulties of acting with … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Steven McQueen of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

T-shirt by Calvin Klein | Jeans by John Varvatos | Belt by Hugo Boss | Bracelet by John Hardy

Cool Stride.As a star in a popular TV series, The Vampire Diaries, Steven McQueen is carving his own path. By Petricia Yuvita … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Sam Trammell of ‘True Blood’

Shirt, vest and pants by Emporio Armani

SMOOTH SHIFTING. Sam Trammell plays a shape-shifter on True Blood. But as DA MAN finds out during our exclusive fashion shoot, in real life, he’s no stranger to shifting either. By M. Berlian Shirt, vest and pants by Emporio Armani … [Read more...]

Exclusive Photos and Interview of Rodrigo Santoro


Lost in Rio. Rio de Janeiro-born Rodrigo Santoro has created his own path to Hollywood, largely through playing the villain Xerxes in the epic 300. Now, he is on the brink of a major breakthrough. Having conquered Brazil, Santoro is aiming for the world. By Petricia Yuvita … [Read more...]