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Exclusive Feature: Ben Schnetzer


BORN TO DO IT. Up-and-coming New York actor Ben Schnetzer is one to watch. DA MAN catches up with him to chat about making mistakes and learning from the best. T-shirt by Sunspel A new generation of actor with a mature head on his shoulders, Ben Schnetzer possesses a wide range of talents that … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Riley Smith


KILLER INSTINCT. A flourishing actor and talented musician, Riley Smith takes a break to talk to DA MAN about joining “True Blood,” songwriting and horses. “Acting is my passion. Music is my hobby. Modeling is something I get to do on the side”   The irrepressible actor Riley … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Matt Dillon


LIVING THE MOMENT. Award-winning actor Matt Dillon walks down memory lane and opens up about a couple of exciting new projects to Ronald Liem. Not many people in the movie industry can call Hollywood home. Matt Dillon is an exception. The American actor, who carved out a name for himself in a … [Read more...]

Icon: Bryan Ferry


THE LEADING MAN. The debonair flair of Bryan Ferry survives the change of times through his music and style “When you get music and words together, that can be a very powerful thing” There are established singers who dress up impeccably and there is Bryan Ferry. Having cemented his status … [Read more...]

Exclusive feature: Aaron Tveit


His wholesome Hamptons-boy exterior and wide welcoming grin are notably true assets for Aaron Tveit to easily step into his blue-blooded character, Tripp van der Bilt in “Gossip Girl.” Yet, as the interview progresses, little gesture and subtle mannerisms allow glimmers of complexities that … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Booboo Stewart

Feature | Booboo Stewart-opening

SILENT PERSUASION. Little quiet and standoffish, Booboo Stewart is a man of few words. Yet, there is something in his searching eyes that reveal much more than words could express. T-Shirt by Y-3, trousers by Emporio Armani A deep, intense gaze and a thoughtful pause before answering each … [Read more...]