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Wheels: Nissan Returns to Luxury Sedan Market with Its Third Generation 2014 Teana

Wheels 3

THIRD TIME'S A CHARM. Nissan returns to the highly competitive luxury sedan market with its third generation 2014 Teana. Renaldi Hutasoit finds … [Read more...]

Gadget: Fully Waterproof SONY Xperia Z2 Android Smartphone Fits Your Unpredictable Lifestyle

Gadget Sony 2

FOOLPROOF. Are you yet to find a phone capable of surviving your crazy and unpredictable lifestyle? Then it’s time to check out the new … [Read more...]

Gadget: Apple Releases the Thinnest Ever iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Gadget iPhone

THE BIG APPLE. Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone 6 is here, and appears to have gone on a diet   The new iPhone is the thinnest ever at just … [Read more...]

Gadget: Motorola Moto 360

Motorola Moto 360 2

HYPED UP. With other brands apparently unafraid to test the market with smartwatches varying in preparedness, the hotly anticipated Motorola … [Read more...]

Gadget: Samsung GALAXY Alpha Smartphone

Samsung GALAXY Alpha 4

OF STYLE AND SUBSTANCE. An elegant all-around smartphone that is as stylish as you are, the Samsung GALAXY Alpha ticks all the right … [Read more...]

Gadget: Leica C Digital Camera

Daman Gadget Leica C digital camera

PURE CLASS. Want to own a camera sporting that legendary red Leica dot without having to shell out a fortune? Then the Leica C digital camera … [Read more...]