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Gadgets: LG


BAND FOR LIFE. Too lazy to go to the gym? Maybe it’s about time to bring fitness into your home. No. Into your gadget. That’s right, the Korean electronics giant LG is taking the fitness world by storm with its new creation: Lifeband Touch. The high-tech wristband able to track incoming … [Read more...]

Gadgets: Monster


LITTLE MONSTER. When it comes to headphones, 2014 is the year for Monster. The DNA Pro Wireless over-the-ear headphones cut a handsome dash to be worn with your casual wear, and they play fine big sounds, thanks to the smart Bluetooth capability and the APT-X technology for near lossless sound with … [Read more...]

Wheels: FIAT Abarth 595 Competizione


THE SCORPION KING. Fresh on the market, the Abarth 595 Competizione is the new boy toy on the automotive block. Renaldi Hutasoit investigates this “Scorpio” breed. The Abarth brand, founded by Austrian racer Karl Abarth, made a name for making high performance exhausts and tuning kits in the … [Read more...]

Gadgets: Asus


SIX ZEN. Jumping on the bandwagon of smartphones is Taiwanese computer behemoth Asus. It recently released a line of low-cost Android phones, dubbed Zenfones. Not just one or two, but three different Zenfones based on the inch size immediately hit the market. The largest of which, the Zenfone 6, … [Read more...]

Gadget: JBL

JBL Daman Magazine

FLIPPING OUT. In this day and age, going cordless is the only way to amplify your sound in style, loud and clear. JBL pimps out its award-winning Flip speakers with essential upgrades to the second version that’s fully connected via Bluetooth for both sound reproduction and incoming phone … [Read more...]

Gadget: Sony a7 camera


ALPHA MATE. The fast evolution of today’s technology breeds new devices in smaller and lighter packages. Not to be exempted from that category is the Sony a7 camera. With a full-frame 24.3mp resolution, it quickly climbs to the top rung of its class as one of the world’s lightest … [Read more...]