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Gadget: Carbon ONE Mini digital camera


SNAPPY SHOT. In the wake of Instagram, retro pictures make a strong comeback.   All about retro styling is the Carbon ONE Mini digital camera by Hong Kong-based design group Carbon. Its less-than-a-palm size is practical and irresistible, and the pared-down functionality ditches the … [Read more...]


Gadget: Fujifilm X-T1


THE X FACTOR. We all know that when it comes to photography, DSLR holds the coveted heavyweight title. But if you’re hankering after a slimmer version of the pricey camera, go with the mirrorless cousin, in particular the Fujifilm X-T1.   Already causing a huge buzz early … [Read more...]


Gadget: Google Nexus 5


GIVE MEN FIVE. A heavy contender to iPhone has finally arrived: Google Nexus 5.   The five-inch phone comes in an almost similar design with a glass expanse on the front, despite the more rounded edges. At a gander, no button is present on the front façade, although a micro USB … [Read more...]


Gadget: Sony NWZ-W262 Walkman

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SWIMS A BEAT. Sony NWZ-W262 Walkman is not exactly a new gadget, but thanks to the innovative sales people in New Zealand, this MP3 player managed to grab the headlines some time ago.   To prove its waterproof quality, the Walkman was sold inside water bottles in vending machines in … [Read more...]


Gadget: Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)


4PLAY. The age of gaming has come to terms with social media as current gaming consoles seamlessly link themselves to the Internet. Hot on the heels of Xbox One is Sony PlayStation 4 (or PS4).     Still in black and box shape, the only thing that sets it apart from the previous … [Read more...]


Wheels: BMW 435i


FAST AND LOOSE. A unique breed of automobile, the BMW 435i warrants its own class and stands out above the rest. Renaldi Hutasoit dives deep to explore the distinctions between the new make and the 3 Series. The first question that came to my mind was: Why the change from calling it a 3 … [Read more...]