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Gadget: Pebble Innovative Smartwatch

DAMAN Gadget Pebble Innovative Smartwatch

REAL STEEL. In anticipation of the arrival of the iWatch, emerging brand Pebble has already won crowds of followers with its innovative … [Read more...]

Gadget: Fancy Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ1000

DAMAN Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ1000

SHOOTING STAR. In this day and age, shooting a film doesn’t necessary call for a team or a fancy camera, for that matter. Panasonic is currently … [Read more...]

Wheels: The New MINI Cooper S

Daman new MINI Cooper S

BACK FOR MORE. Completely redesigned for 2014, the new MINI Cooper S has a lot to prove. Renaldi Hutasoit finds out whether it lives up to the … [Read more...]

Gadget: Motorola


LIKE A G6. A flying smartphone for a low price, Moto G marks the ultimate comeback of Motorola. The trendy gadget sports vivid colors with 12 … [Read more...]

Gadget: Blackberry


CLOSE TO HOME. Exclusivity is pretty much a luxury in the realm of mobile gadgets nowadays. But that’s what exactly BlackBerry tries to attain … [Read more...]

Gadget: Beats by Dr Dre


HARD 2 BEAT. Amid rumors that Apple would buy Beats by Dre, the audio company hasn’t stopped releasing great new products. This year sees the … [Read more...]