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Gadget: Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Daman Samsung Galaxy Tab S 1

THIN IS IN. There’s no denying it Samsung specifically designed the new Galaxy Tab S to be better than the classleading Apple iPad, and what’s more is that they might just have done it. To start with, the tablet (available in 10.5in or 8.4in models) is extraordinarily thin at 6.6mm … [Read more...]

Gadget: Pebble Innovative Smartwatch

DAMAN Gadget Pebble Innovative Smartwatch

REAL STEEL. In anticipation of the arrival of the iWatch, emerging brand Pebble has already won crowds of followers with its innovative smartwatch. Breaking Kickstarter’s records in 2012 for the amount of crowdfunding it received, it released the first Pebble watch only a year later. The … [Read more...]

Gadget: Fancy Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ1000

DAMAN Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ1000

SHOOTING STAR. In this day and age, shooting a film doesn’t necessary call for a team or a fancy camera, for that matter. Panasonic is currently on top of the game with the Lumix DMC-FZ1000, the first prosumer bridge camera to offer a 4K video facility. The term “4K” here refers to the … [Read more...]

Wheels: The New MINI Cooper S

Daman new MINI Cooper S

BACK FOR MORE. Completely redesigned for 2014, the new MINI Cooper S has a lot to prove. Renaldi Hutasoit finds out whether it lives up to the hype In any successful product’s lifespan, there comes a point in time when the decision has to be made: stay true to the original or change according … [Read more...]

Gadget: Motorola


LIKE A G6. A flying smartphone for a low price, Moto G marks the ultimate comeback of Motorola. The trendy gadget sports vivid colors with 12 personalization options, from the seven case hues and five bright shades of the Flip Shells. Yet that’s just the beginning, as Moto G packs a stunning … [Read more...]

Gadget: Blackberry


CLOSE TO HOME. Exclusivity is pretty much a luxury in the realm of mobile gadgets nowadays. But that’s what exactly BlackBerry tries to attain with the launch of the BlackBerry Z3, codenamed Jakarta. Not only affordable and with an expansive touchscreen, the Z3 is a veritable treat for … [Read more...]