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Gadget: Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)


4PLAY. The age of gaming has come to terms with social media as current gaming consoles seamlessly link themselves to the Internet. Hot on the heels of Xbox One is Sony PlayStation 4 (or PS4).     Still in black and box shape, the only thing that sets it apart from the previous … [Read more...]

Wheels: BMW 435i


FAST AND LOOSE. A unique breed of automobile, the BMW 435i warrants its own class and stands out above the rest. Renaldi Hutasoit dives deep to explore the distinctions between the new make and the 3 Series. The first question that came to my mind was: Why the change from calling it a 3 … [Read more...]

Gadget: HTC One Mini


MINI, MIGHTY, MOE. Readily slipped into your pocket, the HTC One mini is a tech delight to those who adore good things in small packages. It is one of the latest novelties introduced by the Taiwanese behemoth HTC, following the success of the HTC One smartphone. Slight alterations on the … [Read more...]

Gadget: Mini Jambox by Jawbone

jambox mood 3

JAM SESSION. Can’t live without a song in a day? Let the Mini Jambox by Jawbone sate your aural pleasure. The cutting-edge and sexy wireless speaker is connectable to your iPhone or android-based phones through Bluetooth technology. Crisp sounds from games, music, movies and even … [Read more...]

Gadget: Nike+ Fuelband


BAND OF BROTHERS. More often than before, new technologies are cropping up favorably in fashionable disguises.   This doesn’t exclude Nike’s follow-up on the stylish wristband which measures one’s active movement. Called Nike+ FuelBand se, the Bluetooth 4.0-connected rubber … [Read more...]

Gadget: Blackberry Z30


SIZE DOES MATTER. If you subscribe to the saying, BlackBerry Z30 might paste a smile on your face. Known as the biggest and fastest BlackBerry device to date, the touch-screen smartphone boasts a sleek 5-inch screen and the most powerful battery out of the series.   The software also … [Read more...]